Ah! the Cornish Pasty...... a Great British delicacy that is hardly delicate. It's a big, hearty meal wrapped up in a delicious crust.

A steak and vegetable pasty

Few meals have roots as far reaching as the Cornish Pasty (it rhymes with nasty, not tasty by the way). In the ancient tin mining regions of beautiful Cornwall, the industrious wives of the hard-working miners, wishing to supply their men and boys with a hearty meal as they toiled below ground, created the Cornish Pasty, a handheld pie stuffed with meat and vegetables. For Cornish men and boys heading underground, the pasty amounted to a highly efficient food: self-contained, self-insulated and packed with calories. The thick semicircular edge of the crust could be monogrammed with carved-dough initials or toothpick codes to make sure each man and boy took the right pasty as he headed to the mines. The rope-like crust had an additional virtue: miners’ hands were often covered with arsenic-laden dust, so the crust could function as a disposable handle.